My name is Simon Booker and my website is a celebration of the beautiful landscape and wildlife that lives all around us in this fantastic corner of Oxfordshire. Taking my dogs out for a morning walk, I started to share a few iphone images on the Local Facebook Community and discovered an appetite for local wildlife photos.

After a few investments in technology I rekindled my interest in photography & the world around me became ever more interesting & accessible. In 2020 we have see a new term enter our vocabulary ... "Lockdown". Bringing with it an enforced interest in our "local" nature the pleasure that images of local wildlife bring to those in need of some distractions has been truly inspiring for me to bring a little light relief. 

Stokerpix is a place to share the evolution of my work with anyone that shares my passion for local wildlife & photography. My work has been featured in various local and national media and exhibiting my art prints.  Follow me on Instagram or if you'd like to purchase prints of gifts simply select the photo and click the buy icon.

Working in IT & frequently travelling abroad, photography is  my personal connection to home. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do and please let me know your perspectives on you, nature and lockdown.


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