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Oxford Mail - Dancing Kestrel Featured - June 2022

"Dancing Kestrel" or "Conducting Kestrel" features in Oxford Mail 

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Henley Standard - Kingfishers in Flight May 20th, 2022

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Henley Standard - Otter Photos March 4th, 2022

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12,000 Views of Snowy Owl on LinkedIN!

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Wallingford Herald - January 5th 2022

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Wallingford Herald - December 29th 2021

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Oxford Mail - "Soggy Fox"

Oxford Mail (Online) - Robin November 2021

Oxford Mail (print) - Robin Nov'15 2021

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Henley Standard - Sept'21 - Kingfisher

Oxford Mail Frontpage - Sept'21 , Kingfisher

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South Stoke Newsletter - Hares

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Oxford Mail Online - Stoat

Oxford Mail Coverage - August 16 2021

Henley Standard Coverage April and May 2021

"2 in a Million"

A second Robin with Luechism where part of the pigmentation is white. This guy was located in a Goring garden and the owners contacted me to get some images. 

The image was featured in the Henley Standard on December 17th.


Stoat in the News

Henley Standard Publish Stoat Image

Stoat kill -  I was patiently waiting for a Hare to come close and taking some shots of Rabbits soaking up 7AM sunshine when they all jumped back. I saw a flash of brown and white and  attack foiled the  Stoat dived back into the hedgerow about 20 feet away. A minute later there was a  commotion about just behind me & Stoat had found a young rabbit off guard. I managed to get some shots of the Stoat as it carried the prey back to its den. Stoats are rarely seen and although a little unpleasant for the unfortunate Rabbit it was a unique moment.

Featured in Henley Standard

Lockdown Photography

Hugely flattered that the editors ofteh Henley Standard decided to do an article on my photography during Lockdown and beyond.  After 24 weeks of restricted movement and this proverb starts to make sense -

"there is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but you'll find no better connection".

Nature is immortal and a bit of bonding reduces the stresses of a new "low mobility" regime for me. It seems for many others too. With social media feedback or people coming up to me  and saying "wow , loved the Hares boxing shot" it energises me for the day ahead.

Article: "Lockdown Photography"  by James Burton, Henley Standard

Henley Standard - September 4th 2020

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Cover Photo in Loxley "Lockdown" Blog

Stargazing Kingfisher

Stargazing Kingfisher

Loxley Colour

Are the UK's Premier print lab for photographers and they wanted to feature articles and work during the 2020 Covid "Lockdown". 

This image was part of the set from Withymead and a special moment when a plane flew overhead. The Kingfisher literally stopped and stared , craning its neck upward. It was a marvellous and quirky sequence.

Loxley ar the printers that powerup the Stokerpix website with Smugmug and their products are spectacularly good. To get areal feel - watch this video on them. Why Loxley

A Life Milestone achieved

The King!

Perfect pose ... South Stoke Kingfisher - Taken at Withymead NatureReserve, Oxfordshire. To donate and support this wonderful location, visit

NikonD850, Sigma 150-600
1/800th , f6.3, ISO 3200

Over 3 visits to Withymead I waited 10 yours in a hide to get this shot and an amazing 2 minutes with this male Kingfisher barely 15 feet away.

I have always had a passion for Kingfishers. As a kid I used to draw them at school. Not sure why perhaps it is the crazy colours that are way beyond the norm for UK wildlife. I have had some "near misses" a luck shot in flight carrying a fish and several from the far side of the river. BUT ... even with a 600mm lens a 4" bird is too far for a really high quality sharp image.

I even did a presentation on photography at work and made a vow that "One day ... I will get an image like my Wildlife photographer role models on instagram. 

But ... with work, family commitments etc I just cant really get the time to sit in one place for a day to increase my statistical chances of success and without knowing a local nesting site, it could be fruitless.

Luckily local nature reserve Withymead Nature Reserve is 2 minutes walk from my home and warden Pete Morton told me they had seen Kingfishers in June at their Thames waterway conservation area. 

I gritted my teeth and decided that I (must) keep going until I get my chance, after~ 10 hrs and 3 visits it did come and I had a marvellouus 5 minute posing session by a top Kingfisher !

Bursting with excitement , when I got home my dream had come true and the images were something I could really print and put on my wall and say ...."I took that .. a dream come true!"

Previous Personal Best

Partial Albino Robin Featured in the Daily Mail

Monday, Dec 30th 2019 -  It's a robin white breast! Snapper captures image of rare albino robin. 

See the article in the Mail Online HERE


  • Daily Mail Coverage - Dec 2019

    Daily Mail Coverage - Dec 2019

  • Grey Christmas! 2019

    Grey Christmas! 2019

    An incredibly rare Partial Albino Robin featured in the Daily Mail, Henley Standard and Wallingford Herald. Note the single brush stroke of pigment across the left shoulder. Sometimes known as a Grey Robin these birds are very beautiful but no signature red breast.

  • Daily Mail Online Coverage - Dec 2019

    Daily Mail Online Coverage - Dec 2019

  • Daily Mail Online Coverage - Dec 2019

    Daily Mail Online Coverage - Dec 2019

Robin that's missing a red breast .... Henley Standard , Friday January 10th 2020

To read the article online , please click Here


  • Henley Standard Coverage - Dec 2019

    Henley Standard Coverage - Dec 2019

  • Albino Robin 2019

    Albino Robin 2019

Partial Albino Robin featured in Wallingford Herald.

Read story HERE


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