Half Moon

Wellbeing & Nature

"Lockdown"  has had a huge impact on all of us and somehow these videos and images of something timeless and steady such as nature have been reassuring & inspiring to many people. So much so in fact that people have made many comments and shared their enjoyment and inspiration on social media. Just a few are shown here, but many are moving and energise me to keep going - thank you!

"Watchers" - Stokerpix May 2021

"New Horizons" Stokerpix April 2021

Renewal - Stokerpix March 2021

Nightingale v Song Thrush

Silence - Stokerpix January 2021

Heavens Door - Stokerpix February 2021

Seeing Red - Stokerpix December 2020

Master of Silence - Barn Owl Hunting

Music and Images have power to move emotions like nothing else. Watch the monthly videos to get an insight into the stunning nature on offer since 2019

Unboxing the RoeBuck

Intro to Stokerpix

"Deja Vu" Stokerpix October 2020

"Lightwaves" Stokerpix November 2020

"Fighters" Stokerpix September 2020

"Flock" - Stokerpix August 2020

"Atmosphere" - Stokerpix July 2020

"Colours of Oxfordshire"- Stokerpix June 2020

"Field of Dreams" Stokerpix May 2020

"Lockdown Inspiration" - Stokerpix April 2020

"Yellow" - Stokerpix March 2020

"Focus Points" - Stokerpix February 2020

"Kinetics & Kinematics" - Stokerpix January 2020

"Carried Away " - Stokerpix December 2019

"Running Free" - Stokerpix November 2019

"A touch of frost" - Stokerpix October 2019

"Take It In" - Stokerpix September 2019

"Harvest Gold" - Stokerpix August 2019

"Eyes On You" - Stokerpix July 2019

"Fields of Red" - Stokerpix June 2019

"Kite" - Stokerpix May 2019

"Thames" - Stokerpix April 2019

"Genesis" - Stokerpix March 2019

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